What truly Mexico is…


About México many things are said, unfortunately in recent times highlights the bad reviews, this is how human si usually, focuses on the negative, as it is more shocking. But our country is more than a group of people clinging to sell drugs to the northern countires or a government unable to stop it. True, there are problems, but just like everywhere. The image shown outside our borders is sometimes so absurd that it bothers.

It´s like saying that you should avoid going to USA or Europe because of the terrorist attacks… or better avoid traveling to Japan because of earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear disasters. It’s just silly! That kind of fear, is absurd.

México is much more. In fact, this is one of the best countries in the world, and to test it, we give you some facts:

1.- México has a huge territory, is the world´s 14th largest country by total area.

  2.- México is one of the most populous territories, is the 11th most populous in the world with 120 million people. And the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world.

Santa-Fe-Mexico-City  3.- México is a rich country having one of the world’s largest economies, It has the 11th largest nominal GDP (PPP).

4.- México has the 2nd highest economy in Latin America and fourth in the continent.

5.- Mexico it is the 10th largest oil producer in the world, the largest silver producer in the world.

6.- Mexico is one of the 18 megadiverse countries of the world. With over 200,000 different species and home of 10–12% of the world’s biodiversity.

7.- México has a millennial country, with huge civilizations dating back as far as 1,500 BCE (Olmec).

8.- Mexico is also holder of some of the most important cultures of the world “Mayan, Aztec and Theotihuacan”, whose significance is as great as that of the Egyptians.

Teothihuacan-29.- Mexico is for that and for many other reasons, one of the 10 most visited countries in the world, according to the World Tourism Organization it is the most visited country in the American Continent, (with the United States).

10.- Mexico ranks 6th in classified sites like patrimonio of humanity (has 37 World Heritage property (27 cultural, natural and 7 Intangible) and in that sense ranks first from across America

11.- México has one of the most important tourism infrastructure in the world with almost 700,000 rooms, and some of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world.

12.- Mexico has also 59 airports, of which 35 operate domestic and international flights and 24 domestic only.

13.- Mexico has 7 high quality resorts integrally planned, more than 70 beach destinations, cultural and business, and 43 magical towns.

RivieraMayaHotel14.- In fact, Mexico has thousands of archaeological sites of which 187 of the most important are open to the tourism throughout the country, 365 days a year.

And we could go on and on trying to give you a real notion of what you should really expect in México, but the only way you can find the truth is by visiting us in your next travel and being no afraid to have one of the most amazing vacations of your life.

So, if you want to be astonished by incredible pyramids and archeology sites, colonial magical towns, natural views like no others, paradise beaches in a tropical weather and modern cities, with all you expect: good food, kind service, comfortable stay and extraordinary stories… YOU MUST VISIT MÉXICO.


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