Top 5 destinations in México

MexicoMéxico is a privileged country in almost every aspect, but mostly notable for the variety of its natural resources as it is considered one of the mega biodiverse nations.

Within Mexican territory you can found: Mountains and snow-capped volcanoes with almost 6 thousand meters high, arid deserts of golden dunes, beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and white sand, huge flowing or underground rivers, crystal clear lagoons as mirrors, natural wells, impenetrable forests, plains etc. And, of course modern cities, picturesque villages, impressive archaeological enclosures, as well as the renowned cuisine,  culture, art, traditions, ethnicities, languages, candy, crafts, dance and many more etceteras.

For all this is very difficult to define the 5 most important or most attractive destinations in Mexico. We would have liked to make one of the best 20 or 30 destinations, but as it is short text, this time we should concentrate on those that we believe (based on the experience of the company and its thousands of customers) are the best places to visit and enjoy Mexico. In another blog, we will do other by type of tourism (Beach, Colonial, Nature, Adventure etc).

That said, the top 5 tourist destinations in Mexico are:

1) México City and its surroundings

Mexico-DFDefinitely there are few cities in the world who can offer to their visitors all the attractions and as diverse as the city of Mexico. Here tourists can find just “everything”. The best museums, amusement parks, majestic palaces, malls, zoos, dozens of plays, international shows, sporting events, archaeological sites and even a castle, which is the only true of all America, all without mention the hundreds of hotels of all categories, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and dozens of shopping centers with the most prestigious brands in the world. Here the weather is pleasant most of the year, with some heavy rain in summer but almost always warm.

Must Do attractions: The Zócalo (capital’s main square), Palacio de Bellas Artes and Alameda Central, The Palace of “Mineria” , the viewpoint of the Torre Latinoamericana, Garibaldi, Xochimilco, Chapultepec with its lake, zoo and of course the Castle and the Museum of History, Museum of Anthropology, The Nacional Museum, the “Templo Mayor” Museum, a walk by Paseo de la Reforma, the cathedral of the holy Virgin of Guadalupe, in La Villa, the most amazing pyramids in Teotihuacan and amusement parks like Chapultepec or Six Flags. And so much more.

Details to consider: Traffic, of course, and bustle of the third largest and most populous city in the world. And sadly, the continuous “marches” and recurrent manifestations in its downtown area (the national sport). Never dangerous, but always annoying.

2) Riviera Maya (Quinta Roo)

Riviera-MayaReason: It has the largest and most varied hotel infrastructure. Its scenery is unsurpassed, (except for some destinations in the same Caribbean or far distant as South Pacific islands like Tahiti). Its climate is superb, the beaches are clean, the atmosphere is different (for every taste) has first class theme parks, shopping malls, shops, bars, restaurants, clubs internationally renowned, convention center and last but not least, has archaeological sites and 2 beautiful islands: Isla Mujeres and Cozumel.

Must Do attractions: Water parks like Xcaret, Xplor, Tulúm, Xel-ha, Garrafon (in Women Iisland), walk through 5th  Avenue in Playa del Carmen, Disco-Show-Bar Coco-bongo, Aquatic Park Nizuc, and underground rivers of Aktun-Chen.

Details to consider: That area suffers hurricane seasons though only affect the months of July to September and usually quite strong every 3 or 5 years.

3) Chiapas (Chiapas)

PalenqueIt is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the country. The exuberance of its forests and mountains make Chiapas being defined as “lush”. For adventure lovers this is the one of the best choices. Here you you will find some of the most beautiful archaeological areas of the country, magical towns and impressive landscapes. For a memorable holiday we highly recommend to take guided tour  to maximize the experience, as hundreds of kilometers are traveled deep into nature to reach archaeological areas that until recently were hidden in the undergrowth.

Must Do attractions: The magic towns of Chiapa de Corso, San Juan Chamula, San Cristobal de las Casas, archaeological site of Bonampak, Yaxchilan, Palenque, Tonina and natural sites like: Sumidero Canyon, Montebello Lakes and Waterfalls of Aguazul, Misol Ha.

Details to consider: Although the weather is not a problem most of the year, the rainy season between August and September not allowed to see the waterfalls of Aguazul in all its glory. In some regions of the jungle heat and humidity is very intense. Also the mosquitos. And certain tourist spots like Lagos de Montebello and Yaxchilan are very far away.

4) Colonial tour (Querétaro-Guanajuato- Guadalajara)

GuanajuatoOne of the most attractive tours is a travel for the past to visiting the towns and cities of the colonial period. Be amazed in such wonderful places like Querétaro, Guanajuato, Guadalajara and surroundings. It is ideal for those who like visit old villages in beautiful places and relaxed environments. Just four hours from Mexico City by road, tourists can enjoy a complete change of lifestyle in “colonial” towns and picturesque villages full of tradition and history who are the delights of international tourism.

Must Do attractions: San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo, Cerro del Cubilete, Templo de San Cayetano, Museo de la Santa Inquisición, ciudad de Guanajuato con sus túneles, minas, momias, museos, eventos y  “callejoneadas” etc. sobre todo en el “Festival Cervantino” celebrado en Octubre.

Details to consider: It is recommended to do this tours with time and take several days in order to know as much as you can and then go back to México City. The weather is warm almost all year, and some cities, such as Guanajuato has very narrow streets and is crowded, not a place to visit by car, only on foot or in different guided tours.

5) The Copper Canyon (Chihuahua)

BarrancasdelCobreThis amazing trip has to be done by train “El Chepe” crossing the Sierra Tarahumara between Chihuahua and Los Mochis, and is characterized as basically one of the most beautiful rides that anyone can make in his life. The tour takes tourists to the limit of vertigo and astonishment, because with nearly 6,233 feet deep is several times larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon, ranking as the third deepest canyon in the world. For lovers of extraordinary journeys, this ensures the most breathtaking scenery.

Must Do attractions: The train ride itself, the city of Chihuahua and Mennonite communities, the town of Creel, Divisadero, “Barrancas” with its cable car and Tyrolean (the largest in the world). Basaseachi, Cerro del Gallego / Urique Canyon (1,879m deep). We recommend taking the train route Chihuahua-Mochis, and not vice versa ..

Details to consider: It is a distant and exotic trip. Not recommended for young children and for some people it may be even tired, because the train passes through nearly a thousand miles of winding canyons at the edge of abyss (is great!). not recomended for people with fear of heights. It is a place of extremes, too hot, or too cold for the time of year.

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