Anthropology Museum

One day Tour: Anthropology Museum

The largest in Mexico. The building is one of the most beautiful examples of Mexican contemporary architecture.There, you will visit the Mesoamerica halls, where the origins of ancient Mexico’s civilizations will be revealed; Teotihuacan, Aztec (here are some of the most representative pieces of the culture that flourished around the Texcoco lake are which is now occupied by Mexico’s capital city), Olmec (the mother culture) and the Maya (the civilization that developed in the Mexican southeast and in part of Central America, which greatness has been recognized for its advanced knowledge of architecture, astronomy, mathematics, philosophy and art).


01 Passenger:    Usd  138.00 P/P

02 Passengers:  Usd  73.00 P/P

03 Passengers:  Usd  56.00 P/P

04/08 Passengers: Usd  47.00 P/P

The museum closes Mondays.


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